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  • 觉得这篇也可以放在nini赞水管 美丽的王子 那图后面哟。
  • So, there is fanfiction R/C?^^ Ooooh, why can't I understand Chinese?.. *crying* I want to read about them so badly)))

    I have a collection of fanarts and fanfics by Chinese fans ( most of which is R/C) of over 500MB ... OK, miss t, just come on! that's huge work XD
  • loli san>
    alas... NINI, that PURE life for thousands of years, was "destroyed" in one day...
    *continues evil laughing* It would be better, if you didn't say that! ~XD You know, russians usually have a leaning towards destruction...
    So, I'm afraid Yao has a 0 % chance to continue that "pure" way of life ~XDD (did he really do that for 4000 years?!!! well... if so, Vanya will be very glad, I suppose ><)
  • t>
    Oh, come on! Do you really think Vanya would be so kind to give Yao a rest at least at Sunday? He's kind, but not in things like this *evil laugh* ~XD

    The most heated argument I had on this subject was "Naruto/Sasuke or Sasuke/Naruto" XDDDD I supported Naruto-seme^^

    Oh, thank you very much, but I think it's TOO difficult! It's not so easy to translate something from english into the native language, but the other way round... I can't even imagine. Don't trouble youself!
    But if you could retell the plot of some of these fics (which you like most probably) just in a few words, it would be very nice... :)
    Oh, come on! Do you really think Vanya would be so kind to give Yao a rest at least at Sunday? He's kind, but not in things like this *evil laugh*

    OHH My --
    Girl your tone is too frank and straightforward -- i seem to see the evil smile on Vanya's face...XDDDDD

    alas... NINI, that PURE life for thousands of years, was "destroyed" in one day...(blush)
    2009-01-19 17:33:59
  • Amanecer>
    Yeah I like tenderness and passion!Maybe on Mon.,Wed.,and Fri. Yao like tender way,on Tue.,Thu.,and Sat. he like passionate way!Sun. they will have a rest...
    (Oh,what did I mean!)

    About seme and uke,I guess we sometimes discuss it,and sometimes argue with it.

    By the way,there are many Chinese fics about R/C on net,I perhaps could translate some into English for u.But,that's so tried(crying),I need coagents...
  • Loli san>
    I can explain to you, what to do, in detail if you write at my e-mail address (i've posted it somewhere here...)
    However, unfortunately, our russian Hetalia's fandom is rather poor (not so many people in Russia are interested in anime and manga, at least not so many as in Japan, for example). So I can't guarantee you'll find something very interesting... *sadly*

    So, there is fanfiction R/C?^^ Ooooh, why can't I understand Chinese?.. *crying* I want to read about them so badly)))

    Hehehe, russian girls usually like passion (and mature rating) ~XD
    But as for me, I also prefer Vanya to be tender.

    By the way, I wonder, if the question of who's seme and who's uke (i'm talking not about R/C, but about yaoi in general) is actual? We in Russia usually have heated discussions on this subject ~XD
  • Loli san>

    After two days discussion,I suppose we prefer Vanya to be tender and a little passionately when he is making love with Yao...(blushing)

    The most popular person to be coupled with Yao is Vanya!That's no doubt!XD
    2009-01-18 21:50:06
  • -v- >
    Oh well, "nii-san", now I understand, thank you)))
  • "nini" is the Japanese pronunciation of calling one's "elder brother" ... with love -v-
    Japanese fans all call Yao in this way, and we find it very cute so we just do the same...0v0
    2009-01-18 21:52:22
  • Loli>
    It's hard for me to imagine how fanarts could be used in Russia commercially - we do not have the practice of publishing doujinshi or fanzines at all, so don't worry))

    Hmm... if you're talking about the community at diary.ru, than yes, registration is necessary now. If you have some problems with it, then tell me. Maybe it would be easier if I make an account for you?

    The most popular person to be coupled with Vanya... well, I'm not sure really. R/C is rather popular, as well as Russia/America and Russia/Lithuania. Sometimes it depends on people who write fanfiction or draw fanarts - a talented story or beatiful art can turn someone into a fan of a pairing ~XD
    And what about Yao in China?

    P.S. I also wanted to know about NINI - is it an another version of the name "Yao", or why do you call him so?)))
    Wow, thank you for the address.
    But even if there is account for me, i do not know where to enter it ;_; and i still can not read Russian ......=_=||| Dear Amanecer you really warm and nice!

    In China, Russia / China is the mainstream (obviouslly...) And then the Hong Kong / China, the United States / China ... such as these couples, there are also many people like, with lots of good fanworks. In terms of my own, R/C is my favorite ... merely i'm also fond of Hong Kong / China occasionally XD

    "-v-" has been answered about the "nini" thing (thx 4 aid "-v-" ~) However, in fanfcition, we are accustomed to writing "Yao" or "Little Yao." XD
    2009-01-18 21:22:48
  • ……你的图已经让我辞穷了T_______,T
  • 既温柔又激情+1~~这就是爱啊~
  • ……目前看过的国内工口……虐的较多……
  • 我是被满满的JQ炸出来的呀~XDD 露家的姑娘真是太有爱了~><
    loli san的露中图好萌~!我脑补了!=w=


  • Amanecer>
  • 我个人比较喜欢温柔的,带一点点的S~ +1
    掩面,这么想象下觉得好糟糕 >///<
  • >大mandy


    2009-01-17 21:16:12
  • Amanecer>
    You have to wait a minute...
    Because I want to discuss it with others^^



    2009-01-17 21:17:32
  • 我是来练习英语阅读的 >_<


    1W,不要客气,压上去吧 (^0^)/~
  • t>
    Oh, thanks! I wish I also knew how to pronounce these words correctly, but it can't be helped, I suppose.

    Be more intimate,Vanya!Nobody will mind!XD

    But Yao will hardly take the initiative, right?)) Or not?))
    And I want to ask a more provocative question ^___^
    How does Yao prefer it (I mean love-making)to be? Tender, or passionately, or how? (I hope I'm not very obscene asking about it)))))
  • = =
  • 1w:我不睡了,继续刚才的事吧
    2009-01-17 21:23:43
  • Amanecer>
    Could you tell me your e-mail address?/////
    I want to send something to youXD.

    2009-01-17 21:25:32
  • 啊,LOLI54大人回来后看到满版的英文会不会有:“啊,这是我的站吗?”的感觉,笑。
    2009-01-17 21:26:19
  • Amanecer>
    I wonder, how will be "I love you" in Сhinese? I saw at Hetalia's community an english transcription "Wǒ ài nǐ", is that right?)))

    Yeah that's right!And the write way is "我爱你".
    Oh my gosh, that sounds like I am showing love to you!(blushing)

    Will Yao always protest when Vanya tries to kiss his lips or, hehehe, something more intimate?)))

    Oh,you asked a nice question!
    Yao will be shy at the first time,or even the 10th time.But he will be used to that if he lived with Vanya for a long time!
    Be more intimate,Vanya!Nobody will mind!XD
  • 大mandy>

    I'm glad if so))
    But we had some precedents at our communities when japanese artists found their pictures posted without a permission and became angry, that's why I was afraid.

    Never mind! My english isn't excellent too and I'm rather glad that native speakers of this language do not see my posts >__<
  • Rowena>
    I can't even express how happy I am to communicate with all of you! I just don't want to be too importunate, so I was very glad to read your letter)))

    Height-difference between Vanya and Yao - oh yes, I like it very much)) As far as I remember Yao (in official data) is 169 cm, no? (Actually, this is my own height, too ~XD)

    To tell the truth, I didn't read a lot of manga)) I love the idea, it's really wonderful, but it's more interesting for me to imagine the personality of characters in compliance with the history and the history of culture. And not only this... Well, people in any country are always quite different, but there is, there must be something above all the differences, something that makes nation a nation. (Oh yes, many russian philosophers and writers were interested with this question, as well as with the problem of meaning of life >_< )
    I won't be so presumptuous to say that I understand this "national idea" even for my native country, not to mention the others, but I'm trying. And my love for R/C is a great help giving me much inspiration.
    I have a great wish to write something about Ivan and Yao, some story (by the way, is fanfiction widespread in your country?), but I feel like I'll have to gather information for it for a few years))) Well, not to say I regret this very much.
    There is another problem - it's rather difficult to combine in one pairing my opinion about Vanya and Yao as a Russian and a Chinese, the real history of relationships between our countries and my dreams of a yaoi-fangirl, who wants LOVE, love and nothing except love ~XD
    Because sometimes I stop reflecting upon such serious things like history, culture and so on and just happily smile (if not to say cry><)looking at this pair)) And pictures of Loli san are touching me like nothing else. I love Vanya's gaze, when he looks at Yao - so loving, so tender. Well... I imagine him thinking of Yao as a being, strikingly beautiful, mysterious and admirable; delicate and fragile but at the same time extremely strong and self-sufficient. Maybe it's an ideal of relationships between lovers for me - not only love, but also respect, admiration and a great interest for the inner life of your loved one:) (ooh, it seems like I became terribly sentimental ~XD)

    P.S. I wonder, how will be "I love you" in Сhinese? I saw at Hetalia's community an english transcription "Wǒ ài nǐ", is that right?
  • t>
    I hope so!

    Russian men shake hands, russian women usually kiss each other on a cheek) But I wonder, what about those people who have close relationships - I mean lovers? Will Yao always protest when Vanya tries to kiss his lips or, hehehe, something more intimate? ^_^
  • Amanecer>
    Oh my god,
    maybe You misunderstood me?TuT.
    I just feel surprised and happy that i found the fanart by lolisamurai san on russian website...
    so i tell her this Web address.....just like this.
    and plz don't be sad..i think Loli san will never mind thatXD.

    My english is so poor(OTL),plz don't mind。。
  • Amanecer

    ...I was too excited that I forgot to indicate my long letter below is written to you. OTL||


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